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About Us

Many of our customers have asked us what makes quartersawnoak.com different from other wood suppliers?

To begin with, we are a small farm-based business dedicated to serving our customers with honesty and integrity.  Unlike most millers, our specialty is quartersawn woods, primarily oak and sycamore, and we produce quartersawn boards in extraordinary widths.   We work closely with our customers to help them select the best boards for their projects, and we gladly send photos of any boards in stock to help ensure that the best product is selected and you know exactly what you're purchasing.

We mill our own lumber and have the ability to handle logs up to 72" in diameter. We also work with a select group of sawyers who mill to our specifications.

The quartersawn inventory from most suppliers is typically 6" wide or less. The reason why is because most commercial mills cannot handle a log over 30", nor will they take the extra time to quartersaw the logs, which limits the width of the quartersawn boards significantly.  In contrast, our average width board in stock is 9"; from a large diameter log we will box the heart to contain all of the pith wood, and still be able to mill up to 20" wide pure quartersawn boards from it.

We gently dry all of our wood in our own low temperature kilns, and perform all other machining and sanding operations in house. In addition to rough sawn lumber we offer S2S, S3S, S4S, veneer, wide belt sanding, and custom moulding services such as wainscoting. We manufacture our own extremely wide quartersawn plank flooring (Available in widths from 6" - 12" wide).

In addition to quarter and rift sawn oak, we also have a limited selection of quartersawn sycamore, and 1/16" wide sheet veneer for the ultimate in oak beauty and pattern.

There are other advantages to purchasing from us.  We track a significant portion of our inventory back to the tree, which allows us to offer log and tree matched lumber for the ultimate in color and grain consistency.  We do not charge extra for this service. We also treecycle whenever possible. That is to say, we work with local tree service companies to recycle logs from trees that must be taken down for a myriad of reasons, including lightning strikes, deterioration from age or other damage, as well as development. Rather than seeing this wood discarded to a landfill, we will treecycle it into beautiful lumber.

We know that our customers have a choice when it comes to spending their hard earned dollars, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs.

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